To the tourist. Turquoise Ring of Russia.
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Turquoise ring of Russia Attractions

1. Orlovskoye Polesye national park — home of Russian bison, Zhudersky village, Khotynetsky district.
2. House of the Sychok (prototype of Gerasim from the "Mumu" story) village Lgov, Khotynetsky district.
3. Bell towers of Holy Trinity Church (1708), St. George Church (1740) and Transfiguration Cathedral (1851), Bolkhov.
4. The estate of Ivan Turgenev, village Spasskoe-Lutovinovo, Mtsensk district.
5. Samorod Mountain, town of Mtsensk.
6. Estate of Novosiltsevs, village of Perviy Voin, Mtsensk district.
7. The place of the battle of Ilya Muromets with the Nightingale the Robber, village Nine Oaks, Khotynetsky district.
8. Park "Noble Nest" and the literature district in Oryol.
9. Oryol commercial bank in neo-Russian style (1899), Oryol.
10. Oryol Spis embroidery, Oryol.
11. Ostrozhnaya mountain, Novosil.
12. Airport of paragliders in Novosil.
13. Chernysheno toy, Novosil.
14. The Shatilovs' estate, village Mokhovoe, Novoderevenkovsky district
15. Memorial dedicated to the Battle of Sudbischen (1555), village Sud'bishchi, Novoderevenkovsky district.
16. Cantemir's estate (18th century) and the Church of Demetrius of Thessaloniki (1721), Dmitrovsk
17. Saburovo fortress, village Saburovo, Oryol district
18. Village Golokhvastovo, Oryol district
19. The source of the river, which, changing names on its way, flows into the Caspian Sea under the name of the Volg, village Aleksandrovka, Maloarkhangelskiy district.
20. Point of confluence of the biggest European rivers Volga, Don, Dnieper Maloarkhangelsky district.
21. Place of events of the by Nikolay Gogol’s comedy "The Inspector General", Maloarkhangelsk.
22. "Tsar's Stone", Pokrovsky district.
23. Okhotnikov’s Castle, village Yakovka, Kolpnyansky district.
24. Livenka accordion, Livny
25. Adam's mill, Livensky district.