Novosil is one of the most ancient town in Russia, the center of water and rural tourism, the ancient craft of the Chernysheno clay toy. Here along the banks of the Zushia River in the Novosil вistrict is one of the largest elevation differences in central Russia, making it an ideal place for such extreme sports as kayaking, para- and hang-gliding. An indelible impression is made by the place of foundation of the town "Ostoroznaya Mountain", war memorials and the remains of military fortifications of the Second World War.




Feeder, maiden-bird and cuckoo

Chernysheno clay toy — art craft of Russian, which occurred in the village of Chernysheno, which has been famous for its craftswomen for a long time.

Themes of the toys are original: the feeder, the maiden-bird, the cuckoo. The image of the cuckoo is closely related to the customs and beliefs of ancestors. The cuckoo thought to be a God's bird, foreshadowed the life span, the fate and natural phenomena. It represents a bird image of a female deity, endowed with the secret power of prophecy.

Amazing spring rite "Baptism and funeral of the cuckoo" has been preserved in these places. Young girls in "cuckoo time" (from Ascension to the Spiritual Day (Holiday of the Holy Trinity) are united in a secret union between themselves and a higher power in the form of a cuckoo.

The fosternurse is a symbol of a long life and for protects a person and family from disasters. The clearly exposed nourishing breasts of the toy is the symbol of fertility. The appearance of the toy speaks of its pagan origin, when it was not an object of amusement, but an object of a cult, the roots of which go back to the ancient matriarch.


Vyazhi — more air for flights

The village of Vyazhi near Novosil stands on the Zusha River, which originates at the highest point of the Central Russian Upland. This is one of the best places for paragliding within a radius of 400 km from Moscow, which is why it is popular among paragliders from Moscow and other regions.

Within a radius of 10-15 km from the village of Vyazhi, there are hillsides for all wind directions except for the southeast. The main hillside in the village is in a form of horseshoe created by the high bank of Zusha river and oriented to the west. Its maximum height is 60 m.

The peculiarities of the Zusha river make it suitable for spearfishing and kayaking. There is a belief among locals that the river is fed from underwater lakes and rivers.