Oryol region is a home of Russian bison

The Orlovskoe Polesie National Park has become home to the largest population of bison in Russia. Today, almost 500 ‘forest giants’ live here.

The unique landscape and even the microclimate of "Orlovsky Polesie" is due to the ancient glaciers existed here, primarily the Moscow glacier. Coniferous and coniferous and deciduous forests alternate with areas of forest-steppe vegetation. Due to that fact typically taiga animal species coexist with representatives of the steppe fauna over here.

The park, standing on sands, is unique in terms of diversity and abundance of fauna. Here you can find a hokhulya, a podaliriya, a big bittern, a deer beetle, a hazel dormouse or a carpenter bee.

In Oryol Polesie, the characters of Ivan Turgenev's "Notes of a Hunter" lived. According to legend, a large treasure of Kudeyar, legendary robber and wizard, ataman, a character of Russian folklore of the 16th century and brother of Ivan the Terrible, is hidden on the territory of the park.

The place of the battle of Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber

The epics have preserved the legend that the defender of the land, the Russian hero Ilya Muromets, defeated Nightingale the Robber in the upper reaches of the Vytebet river in the Nine Oaks tract on the territory of the current national park "Orlovskoe Polesie".

From here the robber with his gang attacked the merchant caravans, who used the passage to get from the Desna-Dnieper basin into the Oka-Volga basin.

There is a legend that somewhere here on the outskirts of the village Nine Oaks, after a fight with Nightingale the Robber, Ilya Muromets lost his heroic sword.