Livny — the birthplace of such persons as aircraft designer Nikolay Polikarpov and religious philosopher Sergiy Bulgakov, as well as of the longest accordion in the world Livenka and the one of the most ancient fish Yakubsonia. It is the town of factories with modern production and traditional Pleshkovo clay toy.


Livenka Accordion

The accordion has a Russian soul! The longest accordion in the world is Livenka!

The number of borin (folds) reaches 40, and accordionists can stretch it in length up to 2 meters. The accordion buttons were made from pearl buttons, which were made, in turn, from the shells of the Sosna River mollusks.

Another feature of the Livenka accordion is the Mixolydian scale, which is associated with the specifities of local folklore.

Ivan Turgenev admired the Livenka accordion, Lev Tolstoy, according to legend, specially came to Livny fair to listen to the Livenka. Nikolai Leskov, Ivan Bunin, Konstantin Paustovsky wrote about it in their works.

Through the village with a crooked path
On a summer evening blue
The recruits went with a liven
A swaggering crowd ...

Sergey Yesenin