Bolkhov is the town where Tsars Ivan the Terrible and Alexei Romanov found their love, the town of the oldest temples in the region and the highest bell towers, which has preserved the buildings and flavor of a rich pre-revolutionary merchant town. It claims to be the bell capital of Russia. Bolkhov is often called the "younger brother" of Suzdal.




Bolkhov — the capital of bells ring

Bolkhov or Devyagorsk is a city of bel towers and churches. The bell tower of the church of St. George the Victorious is the highest in the Oryol region and it is only 4 meters behind the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in the Moscow Kremlin. Only in Bolkhov on the occasion of the big religious holidays, being in the middle point between the three bell towers, one can hear the unique three tones melody by the bell ringers.

According to legend, when approaching the city of steppe dwellers, the monks hid two large bells in a backwater not far from the monastery. The danger passed. monks were able to get only one of hided bells. Since then, when the rescued bell rang in the monastery, another echoed from the ground. The supposed place of the second bell location on the territory of the modern town

In Bolkhov in the preserved Trinity Church, Ivan the Terrible get married. Legend says, after the wedding celebration, tsar was scattering gold coins near the church, and a boot he lost has not been found until now.

There are 11 churches have preserved in Bolkhov till present, and the locals reverently honor Orthodox traditions.