The Turquoise Ring of Russia brings together the ancient cities of the Oryol region, which are situated along the rivers of the Central Russian Upland and which have kept unique historical monuments, local cultural features and ancient folk crafts.


Turquoise ring of Russia


Livny — the birthplace of such persons as aircraft designer Nikolay Polikarpov and religious philosopher Sergiy Bulgakov, as well as of the longest accordion in the world Livenka and the one of the most ancient fish Yakubsonia. It is the town of factories with modern production and traditional Pleshkovo clay toy.

Mtsensk is the ancient center of the tribe of Vyatichi, the homeland of Afanasy Fet, Ivan Turgenev and Nikolai Leskov, glorified by them in many works, letters and memoirs. Walk through the scenes of Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, become acquainted with the revived ancient craft of Mtsensk lace-making, visit Samorod Mount, where stood one of the most inaccessible fortresses of ancient Russia and finally feel the inspiration in Turgenev's estate “Spasskoye - Lutovinovo”.

Bolkhov is the town where Tsars Ivan the Terrible and Alexei Romanov found their love, the town of the oldest temples in the region and the highest bell towers, which has preserved the buildings and flavor of a rich pre-revolutionary merchant town. It claims to be the bell capital of Russia. Bolkhov is often called the "younger brother" of Suzdal.

Maloarkhangelsk is a town that inspired Pushkin and Gogol with its emphasized hospitality, hyper-care and funny situations. Feel like a hero of the "The Inspector General" in the Russian province.

Novosil is one of the most ancient town in Russia, the center of water and rural tourism, the ancient craft of the Chernysheno clay toy. Here along the banks of the Zushia River in the Novosil вistrict is one of the largest elevation differences in central Russia, making it an ideal place for such extreme sports as kayaking, para- and hang-gliding. An indelible impression is made by the place of foundation of the town "Ostoroznaya Mountain", war memorials and the remains of military fortifications of the Second World War.